Dichotomous Key for Identifying Belizean Bats (pdf 309.3 kB)
Key for identifying Belizean bats in-hand. Produced by Olatz Gartzia, based on A Field Guide to the Mammals of Central America and Southeast Mexico by Fiona Reid and Identificación de los murciélagos de México – Clave de campo by Medellín et al.

Guide to Analysing Full Spectrum Bat Calls with Audacity (pdf 7.4 MB)
Instructions for analysing bat calls using a free, open-source sound analysis application. By Thomas Foxley

Call Parameters of Belizean Bats (zip, 11.6 MB)
Table of call parameters for identifying Belizean bats from sound recordings. Also includes a zip file containing sonogram images (provided by RELCOM/extracted from literature). Compiled by Thomas Foxley from a number of sources (listed in README.txt)

The Bats of the Maya Golden Landscape – End of Project Report (pdf 1.3 MB)
Report summarising the project goals and main outputs. By Thomas Foxley and Olatz Gartzia

External Resources

Data from previous bat surveys in the region:

Links to useful publications for acoustic identification of Belizean bat species:

Information on bat detectors and recording bats:

Links to sound analysis software:

Links to bat detecting equipment: